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Deep Reds and a Little Rose’

I love wine. All wine: cheap wine, midde wine, expensive wine. I prefer red over white (unless I’m wearing white!!), as I savor the deep rich flavors, slowly. The reds I chose from a small local store, with the owner’s recommendation for reviewing. “These are some of my hidden gems,” he divulged.

A friend gave me a can of rose’ to sample. A can of wine?! ….hmmmm, I thought.  Well, the can IS super cute. And, I did have the perfect glass for an effervescent rollercoaster ride.

Wine Review #1

The Original Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon California 2015


If this cab was a person, it would be actor Michael Clarke Duncan (think John Coffey in The Green Mile).

It is tall, solid, dark, rich and full of varied flavors ranging from blackberry to nearly chocolate, with a spicy tone.

The aroma is full, the color is a deep burgundy color.

Pairing: Excellent on its own. Like a fine actor, it doesn’t need support. This would pair well with red meat  with its bold flavors.

Price & Availability:  $13.99/bottle on sale, can dip to $8.99

Relatively easy to locate in local retail stores.

Wine Review #2

McBride Sisters   Truvee’ Red Blend   Cali Coast   2015


The sisters’ unique combination bring this proprietary red blend to life. Hints of blackberry and vanilla.

I love the story behind this vino, as much as the wonderfully aged liquid, magically preserved within the bottle. Two sisters (one in California, one in New Zealand), 7000 miles apart find each other and share a love of wine-making. Artfully blending old world elegance with new world finesse is the McBride sisters’ signature style. Family Vintage – the sisters’ story    https://vimeo.com/237009925

Pairing:  Excellent on its own. Would be good with hearty fare.

Price & Availability:  $12.99 – $16.99/bottle. Not easily found, as it is grabbed up .

Wine Review #3

Jacqueline Leonne Rose’ New Mexico


The carnation pink can reads, “Effervescent Wine”, “French Inspired, American Made”. Not being a fan of sweet , I wasn’t expecting much from this this rose’. The bubbles enjoyed dancing among the glass grape cluster at the bottom of my special glass. The color is a lite blush, and those bubbles surely did frolic. The initial taste is bright and slightly dry, with notes of berry and hints of lavendar.  It is medium-bodied and crisp. Serve highly chilled.

Pairing:  I enjoyed this rose’ on it’s own. A total delight, visually and to the taste. It would also be excellent with lite fare, perhaps a salad with farm fresh tomatoes or a lite sandwich of egg or tuna salad. Wishing I had more than the single serve can. Will definitely be on my list for summer refreshment.

Price & Availability:  187 ml single serve (adorable) can $3.99

750 ml bottle $14.99 (opt for the bottle, you’re going to love it)