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Koenig Distillery and Winery combines Old Word brandy, vodka, and winemaking traditions with some of the Northwests finest fruit to produce classic eau-de-vie fruit brandies, premium varietal wines, and vodka.
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View Wine Apricot Brandy With a delicate floral bouquet and smooth finish, our Apricot Brandy has remained a customer favorite, made according to our Austrian heritage     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Bitner Vineyard Produced entirely of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the tiny , low-yielding Bitner Vineyard, this wine was aged for 24 months in small oak barrels. Typical Bitner Vineyard Cab, with ample black currant and cassis aroma and smooth vanilla and coffee flavors from the extended barrel regime. Enjoyable now,but structured to age for years to come. 300 cases made.     $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Cabernet-Syrah 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah from two of the best vineyards we work with: Williamson Cabernet Block and Hells Canyon Syrah. This wine showcases the richness of Syrah balanced with the structure and finesse of Cabernet in a rich, mouth-filling wine. Aromas of black cherry, currant and blackberry are framed with fine tannins and a long finish.     $25.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Chardonnay Bitner Vineyard We have been producing Chardonnay from this 1-acre site for 15 years, and this vintage is one of our favorites. The wine was barrel fermented in new French oak barrels using native yeast and aged on its lees for 9 months before bottling. The vintage has a creamy texture balanced by beautiful lemon-like aroma and true Chardonnay flavors, enhanced by vanilla from the oak aging. 104 cases made.     $15.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Cherry Brandy A blend of sweet and tart cherries are the perfect variety for making this classic dry, fruit brandy also known as Kirschwasser. Traditionally used in Swiss cheese fondue, it is a wonderful addition to a variety of sweet and savory recipes.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine CSPV This limited wine is a blend of two Bordeaux varietals known for their structure and intensity. It is our first wine using the rare Petit Verdot grape, which adds an inky density to the classic aromas of Cabernet. Pair with well-marbled meats, grilled pizza or savory winter soups. 95 cases made.     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Cuvee Alden Private Reserve This Private Reserve is the fourth vintage produced and named for our son Alden. It is comprised of the best Cabernet Sauvignon (55%) and Merlot (45%) from the vintage, aged for two years in new French oak barrels and an additional year in the bottle before release. A true Reserve for special occasions, it is dark and complex, with the ability to age for years to come. 50 cases made.     $50.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Cuvee Amelia Reserve Syrah This Reserve Syrah is made from the best grapes from the Williamson vineyard and is named for our daughter Amelia. Co-fermented with 5% Viognier to enhance the brightness of the fruit, the resulting wine is aged for 18 months is new Burgundy barrels, adding a rich layer of tannin and complexity to the finish. 48 cases made.     $50.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Grappa Grappa has been enjoyed in Italy for centuries as an after dinner drink. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wine grapes grown on the Sunny Slope, it truly is a local product.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Koenig Huckleberry Vodka Koenig Distillery macerates hand-picked, wild huckleberries in vodka and then slowly distills them in our custom-made copper stills. The resulting all-natural spirit has a wonderful ripe berry aroma and a slightly sweet flavor that blends extremely well with other spirits, champagne and freshly squeezed fruit to make unusual and elegant cocktails. One of our favorite ways to enjoy it is mixed with fresh lemonade.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Koenig Potato Vodka We carefully craft our super-premium vodka slowly, one batch at a time in hand-hammered copper pot stills made by world-renowned German coppersmiths. Andrew Koenig, our award-winning master distiller, trained in 400 year old facility in the Austrian Alps where the careful methods and traditions of distilling have been perfected for centuries. This knowledge and skill is carefully applied to the unique qualities of potatoes resulting in a vodka of unsurpassed smoothness. The small batches take more time and potatoes are more difficult to distill but the final product has a quality, consistency and elegance not obtained by any other method.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Merlot Estate Vineyard Our eleventh vintage of Merlot from our small Estate vineyard has turned out to be one of our best, with perfect growing conditions and low yields combining to create this lush, velvety wine. The wine is brimming with black cherry and blackberry flavors, balanced by a little oak and a long, lingering finish. 372 cases made.     $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine NV Two Barrel Reserve Port In 2005 we made a single barrel of Port from Merlot grapes and our own Koenig Distillery brandy and blended it with a second barrel of Port made from 2006 Syrah. The result is a luxurious, rich Port with aromas of coffee and chocolate and a long, lingering finish. Enjoy with Stilton cheese, fruit and nuts. 93 cases made.     $18.70 Add To Cellar
View Wine Pear Brandy Our Pear Brandy begins with locally grown, tree-ripened Barlett pears. Because the pears are picked at the peak of ripeness, the finished spirit has an incredible aromatic pear essence. It takes more than 30 lbs of fresh fruit to make each bottle.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Plum Brandy Estate grown plums provide the base of this centuries old traditional eau-de-vie or “water of life”.     $19.95 Add To Cellar
View Wine Riesling Ice Wine Windridge Vineyard Traditional Ice Wine made from the juice of grapes that were hand-picked and pressed while frozen in the cold days of late December. The resulting wine is decadently sweet with 19% residual sugar, but has amazing concentration of apricot and fig flavors and bright acidity. It is the perfect dessert, alone or with good cheese and fresh fruit.     $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Riesling Sunnyslope Cuvee With the idea of emulating the great Rieslings of Germany’s Pfalz region we produced this slightly off-dry Riesling from the Williamson and Windridge vineyards sloping high above the Snake River in the Sunny Slope district of southwest Idaho. The grapes were hand-picked late in the growing season and cold fermented to preserve their rich but delicate flavor. Enjoy chilled as an aperitif with cheese and appetizers, or with spicy Asian food, barbeque or sushi. 380 cases made.     $12.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Sangiovese Williamson Vineyard Sangiovese produces the most beloved and famous wines of Tuscany, and is admired around the world for its bright aroma and robust, peppery flavors. The Williamson family began growing this varietal on a spectacular slope above the Snake River Valley 4 years ago, and 2008 represents the first vintage of Sangiovese from this vineyard. Pair with traditional Tuscan appetizers, hearty pasta or wild game. 202 cases made.     $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Syrah Three Vineyard Cuvee This Syrah is a blend of wine made from three distinctly different sites: Williamson, Hells Canyon and Bitner. Each site contributes unique characteristics to the final blend, resulting in a rich, spicy and mouth-filling Syrah, typical of the diverse landscape here in Southwest Idaho’s Snake River Valley. 320 cases made.     $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Viognier Williamson Vineyard This is the ninth and most aromatic vintage so far from this small vineyard site adjacent to our winery. The wine exhibits a delicate floral bouquet with abundant white peach and apricot aromas, all balanced by a crisp, lively, dry finish. This is a perfect varietal for summer, great for sipping alone or paired with seafood, salads, appetizers or grilled salmon. 325 cases made.     $15.00 Add To Cellar

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Excellent wines, friendly staff and amazing views. …
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Beautiful atmosphere to taste premier wines. Winemaker …
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Always friendly staff and willing to help …

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