Cold Springs Winery, LLC

After a rewarding career as a water-rights attorney, Bill Ringert and wife, Bing, segued their shared passion for wine by developing a boutique Idaho winery. Bill’s comprehensive geologic and hydrologic research led him select ground on the eastern ledge of the Snake River Plain near Hammett. Spring water from the Lost River Aquifer emerges on the northern corner of the property and volcanic ash in the soil contributes to the high quality and unique character of the wine grapes grown on the estate.
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  Name Description Type Style Price  
View Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Nose: red fruits and dried figs; Front mouth: medium bodied; Palate: blueberry; Finish: pleasantly tannic. Red   N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Chardonnay Nose: vanilla nuts; Front mouth: buttery minerals; Palate: toasty, melon, citrus; Finish:clove and cardamom spice. White   N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Merlot Nose: plum and cinnamon; Front mouth: soft, velvet; Palate: fresh fruit with a spin of spice; Finish: round sweetness. Red   N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Pinot Noir Nose: cola and raspberry; Front mouth: silky; Palate: raspberry; Finish:clove and cardamom spice. Red   N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Riesling Nose: apricot and canned peaches; Front mouth: crisp with a light sweetness; Palate: hint of honey, lime and passion fruit; Finish:citrus with a mineral edge.     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Syrah Nose: wispy; Front mouth: brisk; Palate: dark fruits; Finish: black pepper.     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Table WhiteRiesling Viognier Nose: white peach; Front mouth: round; Palate: honey, peach, baked apple; Finish: balanced minerality and citrus. White   N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Viognier Nose: honeysuckle; Front mouth: brisk; Palate: Asian pear; Finish: Rhone-style zing.     N/A Add To Cellar
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9 months ago
Jessica Schellenberg
Great location and friendly staff(owner). Wine was …
11 months ago
Shay Ewing
I tried 5 Reds all delicious I …
a year ago
Wonderful atmosphere very good wine. I will …

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