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Holesinsky's Vineyard and Winery'the first of a growing trend in Idaho's vineyards and wineries was created by winemaker James Holesinsky to honor of his father Frank's lifelong dream. Holesinsky's Vineyard and Winery began in 2001 with the planting of 1000 chardonnay. In 2002 the vineyard grew with the addition of 3000 syrah, 2000 Merlot, and 200 Port (Sauzao, Tiuta Cao, Touragia); the growth continued in 2006 with 1000 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1000 Riesling, and adding Muscat in 2007.With a love for his product, a dedication to his family, a wide comprehension of wine quality, chemistry, and farming, James Holesinsky has become more than a lab rat or a wine socialite. He has developed into a true artist; creating wines that please the palate and challenge the standards of wine lovers everywhere.
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  Name Description Type Style Price  
View Wine Cabernet Franc No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Cabernet Sauvignon No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Chardonnay No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Cuveé No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Della’s Ghost A semi-sweet riesling with enough natural fruit acid to finish clean on the palate. Perfect for the hot weather.     $15.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Della’s Ghost: Riesling This one-of-a-kind Riesling is perfect as an aperitif as well as complimenting to a wide variety of fish, seafood, light salads or pastas, and also as a euphoric, summer sipping wine.     $21.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Desert Rose Rosé of Syrah No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Fat Men Merlot Not your typical merlot! This spicy and bold merlot weighs heavier on the palate than most traditional, American merlots and proves that this grape is not just f#$%*ng merlot!     $18.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Merlot No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Moscato d’Buhl The sparkling muscat wine originated in Asti, a small, rural community int he Piedmont region of Northwestern Italy. Believing strongly in traditional, old-world wine making, James Holesinsky constantly pushes the limits of what varietals Idaho has to offer.     $46.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Oktopus Syrah We wanted a wine that could be drank right out of the bottle, so we made a softer syrah that didn’t mingle too long on the palate, but was pleasant while it visited.     $18.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Riesling No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Riesling: The Original A German style fermentation took place in stainless steel using very special yeasts to create this off-dry Riesling. It is separate from the average American Rieslings in that it has been tested at negative residual sugars and leaves your mouth with a crisp, refreshing flavor. Pairs perfectly with fresh fruits.     $18.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Rosé! Pressed a half hour after crush, these Syrah grapes fermented using yeast to enhance the nose and palate. Unlike most Rose’s, The Jezebel is lightly effervescent and not overtly sweet, yet rich in fruit flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, and pomegranate.     $17.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Rosé: Antoinette This dry Rosé was grown in the beautiful Hagerman Valley of Southern Idaho and fermented in both stainless steel and neutral oak barrels. We proudly offer you Antoinette. Named after the beauty of a child and the innocence of first romances. With her soft, pink color and exciting bouquet of melon, she is filled with complex apple flavors and an exciting finish of pear.     $53.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Sparkling Liquid Gold Ice Wine A true German Ice wine. Frozen on the vine while grapes are still maturing, Halloween night ’06. The result is a sweet desert wine that has balance in acids. Never flat or boring. An almost Sherry character brought from the neutral oak fermentation. The absolute crème ala crème.     $80.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Sweet Melba June No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Syrah No Description     N/A Add To Cellar
View Wine Syrah? Rich caramel flavors with a hint of anisette and well rounded berry. The wine is big, powerful, full bodied, and smooth in its finish     $65.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Unicorn Blush Rosé Our already fabulous Dry Pink Unicorn Rosé is blended with Della’s Ghost to create a sweet yet still acidic summer blush.     $17.00 Add To Cellar
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