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We are a small winery that handcrafts fine fruit wines utilizing "whole fruit" ferment processes. What makes our wines unique, is they are made with fruit other than grapes and all are finished in the Dry range. We strike the balance between dry and sweet, which brings out the best of the fruit flavors. Easily enjoyed during any occasion, by themselves, with appetizers or meals.
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View Wine Elderberry This wine is rich with luscious, local, wild Elderberries. They're picked just after the first frost, enabling us to take advantage of as much natural sugar from the fruit as we could. It's an intriguing fruit, having both mystical folklore and pop culture references. Enjoy it's bold and smoky taste, which pairs well with steak or red sauce. 14% Alc. Red   $12.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Italian Plum Our Italian Plum Wine has a well balanced taste, a medium body and a crisp finish, heightened by brilliant floral notes.  We picked these tree ripened plums from local orchards and pastures. It was humorous when we were shown-up by a group of horses, who preferred shaking the branches over picker poles and ladders. Try it chilled with asian cuisine. Red   $13.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Pear Our Pear Wine this year acquires its flavor from a variety of species; luscious Bartletts, sweet Honeys and crisp Seckels.  We blended them together to create a delightful and well balanced taste.  We were fortunate to harvest any pears, with the short season and fierce competition with the deer.  Cheers to better odds next year. White   $12.00 Add To Cellar
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