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Running Brook Vineyard and Winery was founded in 1998 by Pedro Teixeira and Manuel Morais out of a vision to produce top quality wines that will make New Englanders proud and satisfy their palates.
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View Wine Auslesen Auslesen [OWS-lay-zun] is the German word for “selection.” It is used in the wine trade to describe specially selected, perfectly ripened bunches of grapes that are hand-picked and then pressed separately from other grapes. This sweet, dessert wine of noble character has a hint of golden raisins Dessert Wine Sweet $15.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Chardonnay  This dry white wine is aged in a combination of 60% Oaked and 40% Unoaked Chardonnay. White wine Dry $15.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Frost A late harvest dessert wine produced from ripe Vidal Blanc grapes that have been left on the vine and exposed to frost. The grapes are pressed in such a way that the frozen water remains in the press leaving juice that is highly concentrated in sweetness and acidity. Dessert Wine Sweet $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Pinot Gris     $0.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is often described as being a “difficult” grape to grow, and to deal with in the winery. This red wine is light and lively with a hint spiciness. Wonderful with salmon and beef dishes. Red wine   $20.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Vidal Blanc This 100% Vidal Blanc conveys the aroma of pears; a crisp, fruit forward wine with a lingering finish. Fruit Wine   $15.00 Add To Cellar
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3 years ago
So cute and wines are very good…

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