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Built in 1991 as an enclosure for our mowers and assorted farm equipment, it was converted into a horse barn in 1994, after our neighbors gave us two free horses..... Six acres of fenced pasture, four Morton BarM Stalls, saddles, tack, arena and literally tens of thousands of dollars later, I still question the look a gift horse in the mouth concept, but we loved those two Quarters and they lived long and happy lives, both passing within a year of each other at age 29. Recognize the field behind them? The current vineyard was Pistol and HB's grazing pastures.
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View Wine Harmony Hill Vineyards Ovation Our Concerto is 100% Vidal Blanc. Most Ohio wine makers ferment this grape either very sweet (Ice Wine) or very dry. Too sweet can mask the unique taste of Vidal, while too dry produces a wine that is 'grassy' (herbaceous). Neither pleases me. We ferment our Concerto semi-sweet at 2% residual sugar, producing a Germanic (Riesling) style white wine with an uncharacteristic Peach/Apple/Pear forward. This is a great summer wine, as it is both refreshing and smooth. Red wine Very Swee $13.00 Add To Cellar
View Wine Harmony Hill Vineyards Refrain Ah, yes. The Easter Freeze of 2007. We harvested just enough Cabernet Franc to make a few pints of jelly, so we were forced to 'refrain' from using our own fruit, and it was off to the left coast for grapes. Regardless of that, our Refrain has aromas of rich dark fruit with a hint of leather. The ripe dark fruit of the Cabernet Franc in this Bordeaux style blend of Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon pops with ripe berries and firm tannins. Red wine Semi Sweet $16.00 Add To Cellar
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